Gear Runthrough: Orange Goblin

We hook up with Orange Goblin for a Rig Rundown! 

Orange Goblin are no strangers to the live and loud life.  They've been gracing stages far and wide since 1994 and have had many genre labels: Stoner metal, heavy blues, biker rock, to name a few. One thing is certain however: Their "let's all just make some noise and have a good time" ethos is the essence of rock and roll itself.

Tools of the trade.

When in the studio you have the option to experiment with all kinds of equipment - the Eric Clapton hit "Layla" was recorded on a tiny Tweed Fender Champ for example - but when you're playing live you need something that can withstand being chucked in the back of a van night after night, sounds great and is capable of delivering those tones at the necessary volume. For most bands, a 20-watt valve combo, 1x15 solid-state bass amp and a drum kit with a narrow kick drum and thin snare is quite sufficient for most venues, especially when larger venues mic everything up and pump the volume through the house PA system.

Orange Goblin are not like most bands.