[Video] Tested: Marshall Amps Shootout – Class 5 vs DSL 15H

If you want a low-watt Marshall head for your studio or gig, you've got two options: You can look for a Marshall Class 5 and hope you might find one in a shop or online, or you can go for the DSL15H which has a more modern feature set and is widely available.

For this test, we used a 1997 CIJ '52 reissue Fender Telecaster with Irongear Steel Twin pickups. The bridge pickup was used throughout with the coils in series and out-of phase. We used Fender instrument cables, and a Morley ABY box to split the signal between the amps. A Boss DS-1 was used in the first "Unchained" section and was not in the signal chain the rest of the time. The Marshall 1936 cabinet we used has Celestion G12t-75 speakers.

We used two AKG C414 condenser microphones, one placed to the left of Dan to pick up his voice (this was deactivated during the recording of guitar parts) and one placed two feet from the cabinet in order to pick up the full cabinet and room sound. This signal was fed into an Avid S3L console and tracked in Logic Pro X.