Therapy? – Andy Cairns Wood & Wire Live Sessions 2017

Andy Cairns performs Therapy? classics and shows off new material on his "Wood & Wire" tour.

Recorded in April 2017 at The Audio Production Workshop, Andy Cairns performs new song "Crutch", Therapy? classics "Meat Abstract" and "Nowhere" and the beautiful "Needle Of Death" by Bert Jansch.

Rig Rundown.

Usually rocking a Gibson SG-X with active circuitry through two Marshall JCM900 half-stacks, Andy’s rig for the Wood & Wire tour is simplicity itself.  He is still looking to “go over big”, however. Finding himself dissatisfied with the “thin sound” of the acoustic guitar he was playing, Andy acquired an instrument that for many musicians represents the epitome of concert steel-string acoustic guitars: The Gibson J200.

Introduced in 1937 – before the advent of PA systems and high-wattage amplifiers – the Gibson J200 was designed to be heard alongside the brass and swing bands of the time. It’s oversized body resonates to create a deep expansive sound which records beautifully and is a perfect match for Andy Cairn’s big rock voice.

Auto Surgery. 

Andy’s guitar is fitted with a high-quality Fishman Ellipse Aura pickup which we utilised in the Tested section of the video in order to feed a signal through the acoustic preamps we are experimenting with, one of which is made by Fishman themselves. An experienced luthier would be able to fit one of these pickups to any high-quality acoustic, transforming any trusty campfire-singalong partner into an electrified gigging machine.